www-intentionalchurchesWith over 1200 years of combined church leadership experience, among more than 50 leaders, my friends at Intentional Churches work with church leaders to develop a clear vision and a plan to perpetually increase Kingdom impact. They call it Intentional Growth Planning. Unlike many consultants the IC team isn’t coming with a pre-packaged program for you to implement.   IC facilitators and coaches help your team uncover and get clarity around the unique vision that God has already given you.  With vision clarity, great process is combined with coaching, resources, and training for your leaders to develop and execute the strategic plan to move toward accomplishing your vision. Most importantly, it’s a repeatable and transferable process any church can learn!  I’d love to hear about your church and dream together about how IC can help your church be more strategic about helping people find and follow Jesus.

Check out Intentional Churches and contact me to talk more about how we can help your church.