In some versions of the Bible, red letters are used to focus the reader’s attention that those words are the words of Jesus.  Jesus spoke the Word.  Jesus is the Word.  The full expression of God to man… He speaks through scripture, through the Holy Spirit, through His creation, and through the counsel of His body, the Church.  It happens all the time.  We’re just too often to busy or too disconnected to hear it.  But as we journey through life, He is speaking.  We desperately need to find and create margin in our lives… to create the space to hear and respond to His voice because the two most important questions we can ask and answer are … “What is God saying to me?”  and “What am I going to do about it?”

God wants to break into our world… most people skim right over those moments and miss it… My Red Letter Life is one disciple’s journey to hear and respond to the the words of Jesus as they break into the Kairos moments of life… To see the trajectory of life altered and follow into the life that God intended when His creation became personal…



Steve Poston is a husband, father, pastor, and leader who lives outside of Cincinnati, OH… He’s a life long believer in Jesus who is learning what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and a leader of people… Daily striving to grow in obedience to his savior, love for his family, faithfulness to his friends, compassion for his community and passion for the world, he is committed to living this mission … “Relying on the Holy Spirit, I will be a disciple who LOVES God radically, SERVES others compassionately, and LEADS people to Jesus.”  That is a life well lived…